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bitMPC is a graphical MPD client suitable for any Android platform from Android 1.5.

Application goal is almost fully MPD server control, with minimum battery consumption and mobile device space.

bitMPC clients features RSS subscription management with server PodCast resources playing from client.

bitMPC name comes from the union of "bit" prefix (common prefix in all bITendian applications) whit MPC (Music Player Client) acronym.

Application can be downloaded for free from Android Market (Apr. 10) in last stable version - project is currently in beta stage -, and can be downloaded for free from bitendian in last development version.

Application was designed and written at bITendian ( by Juanan Guerrero (, with priceless partners contribution, and the wish to offer it with Open Source license.


  • Multiple server connection profiles.
  • Sliding control panel, accessible from any tab.
  • Now playing tab with current song direct access and browseable playlist.
  • Current song seeking with drag bar.
  • Current playlist management.
  • Compatible URL playing at server from client.
  • File browsing with add function for songs, folders and playlists.
  • Song search by tags.
  • RSS subscription list with automatic update in each query (application don't cach information to improve space efficiency).
  • Application lets play any RSS compatible resurce at server from client.
  • Status bar.
  • "Smart button" that performs - one click from any application tab - common tasks like play, pause, stop, server connection and server disconnection.
  • Clickable repeat and shuffle icons.
  • Application icons has been designed under Android "icon design guidelines" in order to improve fully graphical integration whit mobile device.

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