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Description: Bill's Jammin' Jukebox (BJJ) is a 100% Java music jukebox.

02-04-2011  BJJ 5.0 released  [ Release Notes

09-10-2010  BJJ 4.3 released  Release Notes

05-28-2010  BJJ 4.1 released  Release Notes
05-16-2010  BJJ 4.0 released  Release Notes
03-25-2010  BJJ 3.4 released
03-22-2010  BJJ 3.3 released
03-08-2010  BJJ 3.2 released
1-19-2010  BJJ 3.0 released
8-29-2009  Project is now hosted on Kenai.

2-21-2009 Finally updated BJJ.  Complete new gui and features.
2-18-2007 Added custom color options and fixed a few bugs
I recently greatly reduced the    
download size for MPD users by removing all non MPD features.
Updated to take advantage of the genre and year tags.
Also corrected a possible problem with the player hanging after   
the initial setup screen.
Added year and genre search criteria and corrected a possible lock up   

                   problem when losing network connectivity.
Added password ability for those with password protected mpds
4-2-2007 Reworked the way playlists are handled to be more 'mpd' like.   

                   This allows you to connect to a running mpd without stopping it.

I also wrote a java API if anyone is interested.

Home Page:

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