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Summary Edit

  • Latest Version: 2.0.0 - Jan 24, 2016:
  • Cantata logo

    Cantata logo

    : (source packages available also on
  • Maintainer: Craig Drummond
  • QtMPC Authors: Sander Knopper, Roeland Douma, Daniel Selinger, Armin Walland
  • Requirements:
    • Qt4 / Qt5
    • Windows (optional)
    • KDElibs4 (optional)
    • QtWebKit (optional)
    • TagLib (optional)
    • LibMTP (optional)
    • FFMPEG - libavcodec (optional)
    • SpeexDSP (optional)
    • Cantata1

      Tree style library view

      MPG123 (optional)
  • Description: Cantata is a Qt4/5 GUI front-end for MPD. The code is forked from QtMPC. However,
    both the code itself, and the GUI are now *very* different to QtMPC. Currently Cantata is one of the most feature packed MPD clients, excelling at common use cases (playlists, streams, library managment, lyrics) and including many features found in advanced media players (dynamic playlists, synchronization with external media players, transcoding, replaygain scanning, support for multiple MPD servers)

Features Edit

  • Music database can be accessed interchangeably in three different views:
    • Library view - a Amarok-like tree view grouped by Artists -> Albums
    • Album view - all albums with their cover artworks are shown in a tiled view
    • Folders view - music is organized according to file structure
  • Playlist and stream support
  • Play queue, database views, playlists and streams can easily be filtered by any phrase or regex
  • Play queue can be grouped by albums with an option to collapse non currently-playing albums
  • Support MPD queue functionality based on priorities. Requires MPD 0.17.0 or newer
  • Play queue can be placed in the sidebar
  • Basic stream station list importing from Amarok scripts
  • Album art support - using local files, artwork stored in tags (mp3 (ID3v2), mp4, flac, and ogg) or automatically downloading covers from the internet
  • Expanded and collapsed views
  • Automatic fetching of lyrics from a list of over 20 sites or from tags (currently only mp3 (ID3v2) files)
  • Support for multimedia keys and global hotkeys

    Built in tag editor

  • Possibility to play local files from outside of the main library folder if MPD is configured to use local UNIX domain socket.
  • Query artist/album information via Wikipedia
  • Basic tag editing
  • Dynamic playlists with extensive filtering and querying
  • Database organizer - move and rename files according to tags to create clean file structure. Ability to open file manager from folders view.
  • Copy to/from device support
    • USB mass storage (UMS) and MTP support
    • Experimental support for mounting devices via sshfs, and for treating a local folder as a device (build with -D ENABLE_REMOTE_DEVICES=on)
    • Basic bi-directional sync between local library and device
    • Possibility to transcode on the fly to aac, alac, flac, mp3, ogg/vorbis or wma using ffmpeg
    • Copying album artwork to destination device
  • Support for multiple MPD servers
  • Basic MPRISv2 interface
  • Option to set icon in dockmanager docks (IconTasks, Docky, DockBarX, etc) to current album art
  • Ability to calculate ReplayGain tags
  • Simple HTTP server to play local files on remote MPD instance
  • Ability to play MPD HTTP output stream
  • Option to autohide sidebar with library, streams, information and lyrics
  • Available in English, Spanish, German, Czech, Polish, French, Russian, Hungarian, Korean and Chinese

Screenshot galleryEdit

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