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Information Edit

Home Page:

Maintainer(s): Jay Kuri

Current Version: 1.23 - Released Apr 03, 2007


A super-lightweight web client. Designed to give other clients a run for their money. Nice looking and supports features you don't expect to find in a web client such as drag and drop and click-to-seek. Once the window is open, it's hard to tell it's all in a web page. The 1.20 release was updated to have much better performance on very large libraries, and to better support untagged files.

Requirements: Perl, two perl modules: JSON:XS and HTTP::Server::Simple

DaveMP serves itself so it requires no web server to be installed and only requires two modules outside of the base perl distribution. It's default theme is quite easy to use and anyone with a little bit of HTML and CSS skill can create new themes.


Platforms: Mac OS X, Linux, Others

The DaveMP interface can be loaded in any modern javascript capable browser and has been tested in Firefox on all platforms and Safari on Mac OS X. Konqueror should work also, but this has not been tested. The DaveMP server itself will run on any system that perl runs on, it has been tested on Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD. It should run on activestate Perl on Windows, but this has not been tested.

Feedback: The author checks the mpd forums regularly. The best place to post is probably the 'Others' forum:

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