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  • Maintainer: Jeroen
  • Description: EMPCd can use /dev/input/event0 or other Linux event devices to control MPD (Music Player Daemon), directly using libmpdclient and you can execute every other program. In short, it features a simple control for your headless mpd server. If you don't want to attach a full keyboard just take a small number keypad and every key can start different MPD actions or call external programs.

BTW: If you don't know the keycodes (like KEY_KPSLASH) of your input device, you can run EMPCd in foreground and very verbose mode ( using /usr/sbin/empcd -f -y 9 ) to see every key event that EMPCd receives in the output.

Jeroen's code is very well structured. So extentions are easily made and you don't need to be a C wizard to add functions that you miss. (E.g. All the playlist functions have been added in less than 40 lines of code and I hadn't touched any C for ages.)

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