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GkrellMPC Edit

About Edit

GKrellMPC is a GKrellm plugin to control MPD.

Screenshot Edit

Latest version Edit

0.1_beta10: Released on 2005-03-06

Download Edit (MD5 08c7b5b574e8e05488263da01830ecb0)

Older versions Edit (MD5 cb3ba81e7e9a73f0e84623d50df09340) (MD5 2e05c76ede9d23817cbfdb6e97507f4b) (MD5 076742d79986f85adaf7b310d6de8b48) (MD5 7dbe01786d8c3e8536440df69db70f76) (MD5 2b06d67efac4ae2b9b50f11db3e7ae3a) (MD5 79225a43c4ef8a05997e225b680005b7) (MD5 7c8967bd64fa48f94a45c6de10fcf094) (MD5 f9711edb5ab51641b175f245920bfc01) (MD5 963c2d67ef0649f43f4fbd0af931862d)

Author Edit

Mina Naguib

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