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Gmpc website is currently being moved to its own wiki: Please check this page to get the latest information.

Help Wanted Edit

Gmpc is currently looking for people helping to maintain and extend it. There is also alot of translation work still to be done. If you have interest in helping me out, send me (Qball) an e-mail. Or join us on the IRC channel.

Home Page:
Stable Download:
Development Download: See Git (Requires GOB2)
Win32 Snapshot:
Requires: libmpd, gtk+-2.0 >= 2.8, libglade-2.0
Plugins: See the Plugins Page
Maintainer(s): Qball
Distributions: Arch Linux · FreeBSD · Gentoo · NetBSD
Description: The most featureful GTK+ client for MPD.
Gentoo Users: All plugins and gmpc stuff is in the mpd live svn overlay, this will save you a real ton of time.
Compiling SVN: Very short list of requirements can be found here

Development Documentation Edit

Keybindings: Short list of keybindings
Mark-up: Short description of the markup used in gmpc.

FAQ Edit

  • Q: Some of the features you say you have, don't work. F.e. the tag-browser doesn't show up.
  • A: Gmpc heavily depends on functionality found in mpd v0.12.0. If connected to a stable version of mpd (v0.11.5) it will disable parts that wont work. As of gmpc 0.14.0 using mpd older then version 0.12.0 is no longer supported. It is possible that gmpc uses some features that aren't available in the latest stable release of mpd, if this is the case, gmpc will either disable this feature or workaround it.
  • Q: It sucks.
  • A: Thanks, how can I make it suck less?
  • Q: Fileshare, Download music, etc ,etc
  • A: MPD is a music player, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Q: Gnome Music Player Client, Does it need gnome dependencies?
  • A: No, since version 0.12 gnome dependencies are optional. With the come of plugin support in 0.13, gmpc does not depend on gnome anymore. But some plugins do.
  • Q: Why don't you rename it GTK Music Player Client then?
  • A: Why would I. It has been this way for 4 years.

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