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Keybindings for gmpc (If I forgot some, please mail me so I can update the list)

Z Previous
X or C Play/Pause toggle
V Stop
B Next
J Search in Playlist
Player Window
P Playlist
I Repeat
CTRL-R Repeat
CTRL-S Shuffle/Random
Up arrow Volume Up
Down arrow Volume Down
Left arrow Skip -5 seconds
Right arrow Skip +5 seconds
CTRL-Q Quit gmpc
Esc Close window
F1 View current playlist
F2 View file browser
F3 View artist browser
F4 View search window
Search window
ALT-s Move focus to search entry
ALT-f Search
Insert Add selected songs
ALT-Insert Replace (and play)
Current Playlist
Space Move to playing song
Enter Play selected song
Del Delete selected song
Escape Close Dialog

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