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Jinzora Media Server...

  • Is a very feature rich media streaming and management system.
  • Gives you quick and easy access to your collection from anywhere in the world.
  • Intelligently streams your digital media to any internet connected device.
  • Serves your media library to any supported software player or hardware device.
  • Can tag MP3's, download song lyrics, album covers and artist biographies.
  • Allows you to transcode and resample your media to another media format or bit rate.
  • Is available as a stand alone application or a module for your Content Management System.
  • Contains multiple full featured, themeable interfaces.
  • Supports different backends, including flat-file storage and several databases.
  • Handles all major audio and video formats, including MP3, Ogg and MPEG.
  • Runs on Windows, Linux, MacOS with Apache, IIS and more.
  • Is written in PHP and licensed under GNU's General Public License (GPL).
  • Is completely free and open source!

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