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Current Version: 1.0.5

Lyra is a front-end to the Music Player Daemon (MPD)written in the Java language for platform independence. Based loosely on the Creative Media Source software, this application has the aim to support large collections of albums and artists.

Another interesting feature about Lyra is the implementation of a local cache of the music library using SQLite database. This can lead to decreased load times and permits the application to implement features that the daemon does not inherently support such as ratings and tacking user habits.

Lyra as of version 1.0.1 offers integration with the music service. This integration permits us to extract album and artist information including album cover art. In addition the Scrobbling service will track what you play on Lyra at use that information to better guide you for venues, new artists and neighbours in your area.

The version 1.0.4 release of Lyra marks the integration of reference databases, images and documents into the Java Archive (JAR) file. This effectively drops Lyra's dependence on a directory structure and permits being used on computers without having to install first (still required Java present).

Version 1.0.5 of Lyra offers the ability for users to execute a local copy of the Music Player Daemon (MPD) directly effectively creative a standalone version of Lyra. This permits users who are familiar with Lyra to use the interface on stations were sharing music on the network is not a priority, but consistency is.

Lyra has been released under the three-clause BSD license and comes with the complete source tree, enabling users to build the application. The source code is heavily commented and includes Javadoc tree for additional reference.

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