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  • Home Page: SourceForge
  • Current Stable Version: 2.3
  • Maintainer: Olof Mogren (ex-maintainer)
  • Description: MPCool is a graphical client to MPD (The Music Player Daemon) written in Java with simplicity and usability in mind.
  • Features:
  • Swing interface, built with simplicity and usability in mind.
  • Library view inspired by Apple iTunes.
  • Support for system tray.
  • Simple, central search feature. Type what you want to hear, and either enqueue the matching songs, or play them directly.
  • Search syntax similar to that of Google.
  • There are search commands for artist, album, title and filename. Just prefix your search term with the command and a colon. To search for a whole phrase, quotation works. Examples:
    • artist:"Death Cab For Cutie"
    • album:superunknown
  • Add rest of album after current song.
  • Automatical proposal of artists and albums that match your search, presented to you as you type in the search field.
  • Add random songs as needed, aka infinite playlist and similar to the Party Shuffle feature in iTunes.
  • Keyboard shortcut for every command.
  • Picks up the native theme of your environment.
  • Loads and saves playlists on server.
  • And much more...

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