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Current Version: 0.0.1
Screenshots: None
Source Download: [1]
Development Download: [2]
Description: generates playlists from your MPD database and your library.
Maintainer(s): BohwaZ

Description Edit

Mela stand for "Mpd Enhanced with".

This little thing will create a set of useful playlists, using your MPD server and your account.

Playlists created without the need to have a account:

  • all-tracks: all tracks in your MPD music directory
  • tracks-y-added-last-2-years: tracks added in your directory since the last 2 years
  • (same thing for last year, last 6 months, last 3 months, last 30 days and last 15 days)

Playlists created with the need of a account:

  • lastfm-loved-tracks: tracks marked as "loved" in your
  • lastfm-favorite-tracks: all the tracks from your library, sorted by popularity
  • lastfm-rare-tracks: reverse list of tracks from your library (reverse popularity)
  • lastfm-unknow-tracks: tracks which are in your MPD music directory but not in your library (usually that's tracks with bad tags or no tags)

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