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A web server (such as Apache) with PHP v5 or higher and MySQL 5.x.



A platform independant client built with HTML5 , jQuery Mobile and CodeIgniter (PHP Framework). Currently built to use MySQL on the backend, but theoretically could use any database supported by CodeIgniter's Database class (i.e. MySQL , PostgreSQL , or any database that supports ODBC - even MSSQL via FreeTDS if you really wanted to). Under Development.


  • Drill down to tracks via Artists->Albums->Tracks or Genres->Artists->Albums->Tracks
  • Variety of options for adding songs to the current queue
    • Add all albums of a particular artist
    • Add all tracks of a particular album
    • Add all tracks of a stored playlist
    • Or, just add individual tracks
  • Create playlist based on the current queue
  • Support for MPD commands such as
    • Repeat
    • Shuffle
    • Set crossfade
    • Volume control
    • Play, Pause, Stop, Next and Previous
    • Add to queue, remove from queue
    • Load playlist, store playlist, etc
  • Mult-User support (in Premium Edition) each with his or her own MPD instance (and therefore, own play queue, playlists, music directories - with a bit of anonymity - and "Stations" - which is experimental - see below)
    • Each individual user is essentially their own internet radio station DJ. Each MPD instance has an HTTP stream that streams whatever is in the current play queue. Users can customize their "Station" with an icon, name and description for other users to tune in to what is playing.
    • Someday, users might be able to schedule different playlists to play at certain times (like a radio station program) ... I'm still hashing out that idea.
  • Support for "Master" MPD instance which is the one that would be remotely controllable by a user of the Admin role
  • Music upload capability with server side ID3 tag parsing to store music in the correct location (similar to how iTunes will take your music and parse the ID3 tags and store the music in folder structures based on Artist name, album name and track name)
  • Support for multiple languages with the ability to add any language if you feel like doing the translations necessary
  • Persistant user-settings such as language (so you can support a diverse user-base), theme, crossfade setting, volume fade setting and mode of operation (which is reserved for a future enhancement)


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