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How to set it up: Edit

I have extraceted mpc.exe into C:\windows\ so i can run it from anywhere, but it's up to you where to put it.

Now we have tell mpc the adress and port for the mpd server. This is done by setting som "Environment Variables":

Go to: Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables. and create to new System Variables called MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT.

MPD_HOST is the adress for the server hosting mpd; mine is:


and if I did not use password it would be: MPD_HOST

at last we need to set the port number: MPD_PORT 6600

After a quick reboot (sorry it's still windoze :P ), you will be able to open the "Run" dialogbox (Win + R), use an old-school consol (cmd.exe) or integrate mpc.exe with som hotkey tool and feed it commands like:

mpc next - jump to the next track in the mpd playlist
mpc toggle - toggle play/pause
mpc help - to get a list over all commands

that's it, now you are ready to remote contol the word from you window(s) (or at least you music)

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