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  • Homepage: Tiny Applications
  • Download: tinyapps
  • Maintainer(s): mina86
  • Description: A single tool for (re)storing MPD's state based on state-utils. The package contains a shell script wrapper which makes it behave just like state-utils (at least version 0.12.0).
  • Installation: After downloading and unpacking run (as root):
make mpd-state install-mpd-state

or, if you don't have root privilages,:

make mpd-state
for I in save restore sync amend; do
    ln -sf state-$i
cp mpd-state state-* dir-you-want
  • Notes: mpd-state is a part of Tiny Applications and is unlikely to be released as a separate project. Moreover, I don't intend to develop it more (in fact I don't even use it). Patches, however, are of course welcome :)

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