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This is not a real client, this program only launches KDE notifications every time song changes. Also shows nice album arts, if you have them. You can also specify a client to launch if you click on the notification.


notify-v1.tar.bz2 - screenshot - More customizable version (v2)

tar -xvf notify-v1.tar.bz2
cd notify/build
cmake ..
sudo make install

You might need to copy file mpdknotifier.notifyrc to /usr/share/apps/mpdknotifier/mpdknotifier.notifyrc or whichever directory your knotify4 daemon uses. Then you might need to restart the knotify4 daemon helped me.

sudo mkdir /usr/share/apps/mpdknotifier
sudo cp mpdknotifier.notifyrc /usr/share/apps/mpdknotifier/mpdknotifier.notifyrc
sudo killall knotify4

Also, you need to create file ~/.kde4/share/config/mpdknotifierrc with following content

MPDHost=*your MPD host* ie. localhost
MPDPort=*your MPD port* ie. 6600
MusicDir=*your music directory* ie. /home/kuba/music/
ClientName=*name* ie. ncmpcpp
ClientCmd=*command to launch your client* ie. konsole -e ncmpcpp

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