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Maintainer(s): bhearsum
Download: Mirror 1
Description: MpdLIRC is a client for Music Player Daemon that is designed to take input from a remote via LIRC, interpret it, and send the appropriate command to MPD. It also displays information such as the volume and title via XOSD.


1) Dependencies

Make sure you have all the required dependencies.

2) Copy MpdLIRC-server and to a directory in $PATH (Personally, I use ~/bin) and make sure that they are both chmod +x.

3) Edit your ~/.lircrc so that each of your buttons call At the bottom of this document there is an example section for ~/.lircrc. I have also included a full, sample ~/.lircrc with this package.

4) Start and irexec.

I can be found on in #mpd most of the time, with the name 'bhearsum' if you need to contact me for any reason.

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