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mpdmote :: basic PHP/AJAX client for your mobile phone's browser Edit


Short Description: mpdmote is a small remote-control for the music player daemon, written in PHP and AJAX to communicate with the server. It is designed for my Nokia E61, showing basic controls for volume and title navigation. Addidtionally it shows the currently playing title and a small list of the next and previous songs in the playlist.

Supported Functionality: the interface of mpdmote provides controls for the current playback (next, prev, play/pause, stop), also for the playlist playback (random, repeat) and volume. additionally it shows the remaining time of the current song and its title. for better navigation, the current part of the playlist is also diplayed, showing the next 4 and previous 4 titles in the playlist.

Setup Instructions: just download the sources from the project home page on google code and run it with your favourite php-enabled webserver.

Author: Christian Hartl


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