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mpdtoys Edit

Some examples of things the mpdtoys can do include moving the playing song between different mpd daemons on different machines, storing the state of a mpd daemon and loading it back later, reversing the playlist, slowly fading volume up or down, stopping playback after the current song finishes, and emulating a skipping record."

Mpdtoys contains the following tools as of version 0.4:

  • mpstore - store and transfer mpd state between daemons
  • mprev - reverse the mpd playlist
  • mpgenplaylists - generate mpd playlists for each subdirectory of music
  • mpfade - fade mpd volume in or out
  • sats - mpd stop after this song
  • mpskip - emulate a skipping record
  • mptoggle - single button control for mpd
  • mprand - play a random playlist
  • mpinsert - insert song after currently playing song

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