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pbmpcd - python bemused music player client daemon Edit

pbmpcd connects the music player daemon (mpd) with a bemused client.

you need a working python-bluetooth installation and, of course, a bluetooth device that runs a bemused app (e.g. a cellphone).

pbmpcd is licensed under terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2, June 1991.

pbmpcd is developed with the included bemused midlet by Johan Köhne and Fred Schättgen - as of 07-03-17 pbmpcd supports the very nice JAM SE midlet (starting with RC1.1) on both SonyEricsson and Nokia handhelds; others may work.

download zip archive from

 archive contents:
 - - start this mpc, then connect from phone
 - - unpack this,
   in the bin directory call to add it to your phone
   (for nokia, other brands may differ)
   this is slightly different from the one by Johan.
   the archive is meant to drop in Suns J2ME WTK.

have fun!

Peter, contact

 find the bemused protocol docs attached and at or
 bemused java:
 python-mpdclient is at

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