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Information Edit

  • Requirements: A web server (such as Apache) with PHP. A CSS compliant web browser.

Optional: GD(required for locally stored cover images ... I think)

phpMpChanger's aim is not to be a full featured client, but instead to act as a quick way to browse a music library like a CD changer would, using a Mac-Finder like interface. As such, it caters primarily to those who have their music libraries organized in an Artist/Album/Songs heirarchy. It also optionally supports displaying locally stored cover images (if the client has direct access to the library.)

It's a little slow (maybe excessively slow for large libraries), see the README for info on why. Contact the author at oneilsh AT gmail DOT com.

UPDATE (30 April 06): I was planning on working on this some more, but I will be going back to school soon and probably won't get a chance to. It is functional, but on the verge of being abandonware unless someone else takes it. ~ Shawn

Downloads Edit

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