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Current Version: 0.180
Repository: pimpd2
Source Download: pimpd2-latest.tar.gz
Development Download git://
Description: Command-line client with new ways of experiencing music.
Maintainer(s): Magnus Woldrich

Description Edit

pimpd2 is the successor of the Perl Interface for the Music Player Daemon (pimpd). It's a fully featured command-line client that also features a built-in shell with tabcompletion for longer sessions.

Its goal is to provide functionality with which you'll be able to experience music in new, exciting ways.

Features Edit

  • Playback - If MPD runs on a remote machine, you can play the stream with the same client you use for controlling it.
  • Randomizing - creation of playlists with N random songs from the library or from a specific artist. Can also be used to add N random albums.
  • Artist/Album/Song relationships - add all songs from <album>, add all albums from <artist>, etc
  • Copy song/album to local machine
  • Artist/Album/Title and database searches with regular expressions
  • Love
  • Queue support
  • Dont like the current album? Delete it.
  • Customizable colors and external player used for playback

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