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Description: QuakeMPD is an MPD control code for Quake 1 and 2. (Currently only for Q2)

Requires: Nothing, integrated


Download?: In AprQ2 v1.19

Maintainer: Toni Spets from Purkka Productions.

Help developing and port it to other Quake-based games? I have no interest to do so at the moment.

Currently working features:

  • Play and stop
  • Play next and prev
  • Volume control (setting 0-100)
  • Status
  • Playlist (read only)
  • "Now playing" -macro
  • Inc and dec volume.
  • On-screen display (not in AprQ2)

In development:

  • Porting to FuhQuake. Development frozen.
  • Porting to Icculus Quake 3. Development frozen.
  • Add some other neat features. Development frozen.

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