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Sonata logo Sonata - an elegant MPD client written in GTK+ and Python


Adding songs from the library

Summary Edit

Features Edit

  • Supports any stream supported by MPD
  • Tag editing via taglib/tagpy
  • Expanded and collapsed views, fullscreen artwork mode
  • Library organized by folder layout on disk rather than tags by default
    • Tracks within folders are shown according to user-definable format from tags
    • Mode can be changed to Artist or Album or Genre tag-based view via icon in lower left corner of Library tab
  • Automatic remote and local album art
    • Remote art supplied by
  • User-configurable columns in Playlist view and Library View
  • Automatic fetching of lyrics from Lyricwiki
  • Playlist and stream support
  • Popup notification on song change, pause/unpause
  • Library and playlist searching
    • Filter as you type in playlist view
  • Audioscrobbler ( 1.2 support
  • Multiple MPD profiles
  • Keyboard friendly
    • Hard-coded shortcuts, viewable in About->Shortcuts
  • Support for multimedia keys
  • Command line control
  • Available in 24 languages

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