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This is a wiki page for frequently asked questions about Sonata. You can add your own questions as well as answers.

See also documentation at the Sonata web site.

How can I make Sonata display lyrics stored in my local system, and what config and coding guidelines should I follow?Edit

I don't see support for [insert feature]. Why? Edit

There are a few optional features that will only work if a given Sonata dependency is installed. For systemtray support, PyGTK 2.10 or gnome-python-extras is required. For the ability to edit song tags, tagpy and taglib are required. For automatic fetching of song lyrics, ZSI is required.

How do I jump straight to certain tracks or search? Edit

All you have to do is start typing! On your first keystroke, Sonata will pop open a filter bar (similar to xmms) at the bottom of your playlist and will filter your list based on what you type. You can use the up and down arrows to quickly cycle through songs. Escape will end the filtering.

Is there an easy way to toggle Sonata visible/hidden? Edit

If you have dbus on your system, you can simply create a shortcut with your window manager to call "sonata --toggle". This will quickly make the application visible (if it wasn't visible) or minimized to the system tray (if it was visible).

How can I change the view of my library? Edit

By default, Sonata will present your music library in a Filesystem hierarchy view. You can also choose to switch to Artist or Genre views by clicking on the bottom-left icon that appears in the library tab.

How does the cover art logic work? Edit

First, you can set the priority between fetching for remote artwork from Amazon and searching your local filesystem for album covers. If "local, then remote" is chosen, Sonata will first search for artwork in your music directory, then fallback to fetching artwork from Amazon (and vice versa for "remote, then local"). If you were to set "local only" you could prevent Sonata from performing remote searches.

When searching locally for artwork, Sonata looks for the following:

  • ~/.covers/[Artist]-[Album].jpg
  • {cover, album, folder, front, .folder, AlbumArt, AlbumArtSmall}.jpg
  • .folder.png
  • [the custom filename set in prefs]
  • [if there is exactly one image file]

How does the song formatting work? Edit

Sonata provides the user with flexibility to define how songs are displayed in various locations. The available pieces of information for a song are displayed in the preferences window. Note that you can enclose song formatting in curly brackets so that enclosed information only shows up if all of the enclosed tags are found. For example, "{%T_}%A - %S{ [%B]}" will show "07_Pearl Jam - Oceans [Ten]" if the track and album song tags exists, and "Pearl Jam - Oceans" if neither tag exists.ddd

How does the tag editing work? Edit

Sonata provides a pretty powerful tag editing interface, similar to that found in EasyTag. You can select multiple files (or even folders) and apply user changes to all selected files by clicking on the small button next to a given field. If you press the small button next to the track number field, it will set the current song at track number 1 and will increment each subsequent song. You can also do bulk saving by clicking the "Save All" button. Note: You need taglib and tagpy installed in order to use the tag editing feature.

What kind of audio streams does Sonata support? Edit

In addition to streams natively supported by MPD, Sonata can also accept pls, m3u, and extm3u's as stream inputs.

How can I interface with Sonata from the command line? Edit

Sonata has some playback arguments that allows you to set your own keybindings to actions like play or pause. Type "sonata --help" to see the full list of available command line arguments.

If I have multiple columns for the playlist, can I hide the column header? Edit

Yes, Sonata has a hidden setting that can hide the column headers. Edit your ~/.config/sonata/sonatarc file while Sonata is closed and change the show_header value to False.

Clicking on links launches the wrong browser, what can I do? Edit

There is a hidden configuration option for manually setting your own browser. Simply edit your ~/.config/sonata/sonatarc file while Sonata is closed and change the browser value to your browser binary name (e.g. "firefox").

Why can't I see all available files in the Library filesystem view? Edit

File system view doesn't actually look at the on-disk file system. Sonata builds a pseudo-directory tree based on path information contained in the mpd db file.

Why doesn't Sonata recognize my playlists? Edit

Sonata relies on MPD for its playlist functionality. MPD only supports playlists stored in its own playlist directory.

Where does Sonata store its settings / the Streams? Edit

Sonata stores its settings, including the Streams, in the file ~/.config/sonata/sonatarc.

How do I sync my IPod,Zen,Sansa,Generic Media Player with Sonata ? Edit


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