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squitcher is a web client written in PHP that stores additional song metadata in a MySQL database. Most of all it is a playlist manager and a search frontend, but it also supports basic commands like song skip or setting random/repeat status.

it is possible to add single songs form the search result to the playlist. you can move songs up or down in the playlist or delete them from the playlist.

before you can use the database, you'll have to create a table and scan all your files. a sample SQL file is included in the download. the table will store the following fields:

  • title (song title)
  • artist (song artist)
  • album artist (for those who liked this tag in foobar2000 too)
  • album (album title)
  • tracknumber
  • date (year of recording)
  • genre
  • comment
  • replaygain_track_peak (so you can look which song or album is the loudest / quietest)
  • replaygain_track_gain
  • replaygain_album_peak
  • replaygain_album_gain
  • length (in seconds)
  • bitrate (in kbps)
  • path (filename relative to a root directory you define in conf/conf.php)
  • mtime (time when the file was last modified)
  • black (the fabulous blacklist status. 0 is white, 1 is black)

you can combine those search terms one after another. so you can search for all jazz from the nineties that you didn't like (first: search for genre: jazz, then for date: 199, then for black: 1).

now you want to know which jazz you didn't like generally, regardless of date. so you can just perform a search for date with the text field empty and you'll get the results for all years (genre: jazz, black: 1).

that won't be much fun without a properly tagged collection, but with every tag at the right place, it will surprise you one time or another...;)

Information Edit

  • Home Page:
  • Requirements: Web server with PHP and MySQL (tested with PHP 5.1.4 and MySQL 5.0.22, but should work with both PHP and MySQL 4.x)

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