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  • Requirements: a webserver and PHP, tested with lighttpd 1.4.35, PHP 5.6.2 and MPD 0.19.1
  • Latest version: stable 0.3.7 (2013-07-30), testing 0.4a8 (2014-11-21)

Web1.0MPC uses HTML, evil deprecated table layouts, basic CSS rules, PHP and an absolute minimum of JavaScript. No AJAX, no shiny JavaScript effects, no CSS extravagance, no transparent images, no "my" in its name. This way, it should also run on rather ancient devices.


Control: manage playback, volume control, display track info, display cover art
Playlist: list all tracks, clear playlist, remove single tracks, jump to any track, load/save/delete playlist
Browse: browse the music database (by tags or by folders), add all albums by an artist, one album or a single track to the playlist
Setup: toggle playlist repeat, set seek interval, toggle album sort mode, trigger database update, print server statistics


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