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Description: WinMCC is an MPD client for the Siemens Simpad.


Download?: Source available at

Maintainer: Carsten Breuer

Siemens Simpad: The simpad is a mobile device (webpad) running under WindowsCE with a high resolution display (800x600) and a PCMCIA-Slot which can take a WLan/WiFi-card. With this, you get an mobile remote control for MPD.

Since this client base on MFC, it can also used as a normal client for Windows95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP.

Help needed for website.

Currently working features:

  • Treeview with all folder.
  • Song- and Playlist
  • Play, paus, stop, seek, prev, next, goto position.
  • Seeking in songs.
  • Search for tokens.
  • Load and save playlist.
  • Show elapsed/max time.
  • Hightlight current song.
  • Playlist changed.

In development:

  • Volume control
  • Metadata handling.
  • Support for crossfade etc.

Seems to have a hardcoded IP-Adress and port for the server. Did not find any place to change this.

- That's not right. There is a little config icon in the right lower corner! is there a way to change it manually? I can't reach the icon and I can't move the window (on windows CE)

Does not appear to support password protected connections.

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