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Current Version: 0.3.4
Screenshots: 1 (SWT) - 2 (Qt Jambi) - 3 (Swing) - ignore the eq from the first screenshot
Maintainer: Georg Schild
Description: A java client for mpd and xmms2 using XWidgets as ui. X4X uses a slightly changed version of the JMPDComm. X4X can integrate itself into kde (qt), gtk (swt), native (qt and swt) and not native (swing) environments using XWidgets. Come and visit us in #x4x;

Development of X4X is stopped, use other nice clients instead

What are the benefits of X4XEdit

  • Fast and nice gui, all basic functionality in one window (screenies)
  • Treebrowser for medialib
  • Playlistmanagement
  • Keybindings for almost everything
  • Connection-browser (incl. optional mdns support)
  • Systemtray
  • -noX start option - doesn't open the mainwindow if a systemtray is present
  • Due to XWidgets X4X has the ability to integrate into every environment (See screenshots)
  • Support plugins (UI, Output)
  • Runs on windows (and everywhere else where java6 is available)
  • Also works with xmms2


  • JDK6 (get one from [1])
  • Apache Ant >=1.6
  • MPD 0.12.1
  • SWIG >=1.3.25 (from [2])
  • XWidgets 0.1 (from [3] or get the Swing-only binary package from our downloadpage - Note that this Version of XWidgets only contains the Swing code, nothing else
  • JmDNS 1.0 for optional mdns support


Either via #x4x or the mailinglist x4x-general.

Ebuilds are available at [4]. You will also find ebuilds for XWidgets and Xmms2 there.

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