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libmpd is deprecated! It uses an ancient libmpdclient version, and will not be updated.

libmpd is a loadable library built around libmpdclient. The main goal of libmpd is to provide a higher level access to mpd functions. It should be event/signal based and state aware.

A list things it does:

  • Signal the client on changes in mpd.
  • Intelligent command handling, when for example the client requests a lot of commands in a row, queue these and execute them in a commandlist.
  • Extensive error handling.
  • Provider Support functions.
  • Up-to-date with mpd latest features.
  • Be state aware.



The library is mostly done and is being used in gmpc and cookies To get the most recent version download the svn version.

Note to developers: Edit

There's also a 0.18 version downloadable from gmpc download site.

The repository has moved it now uses GIT hosted on the public git hosting website

Viewing the git repository in the web browser use this url:

Use this command to make a local copy of the git repository:

git clone git://

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