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because libmpd is currently constantly in motion and so is the documentation this site isn't kept up to date. For more recent changes look in the svn version of gmpc in the documentation directory. Also this: should be more current then the documentation found below.

Author: Qball


libmpd is very new, I wrote it to abstract the mpd abstraction out of the code in gmpc. Therefor making gmpc code easier to read, but even more important easier to debug. Libmpd is a separate library. Comments/suggestions are more then welcome, just keep in mind it's still in a relative early state, and written for gmpc.

e-mail me at:


Trying to provide a easy to use high level, callback based access to mpd. It tries to be fast and keep the data transfer with mpd to the minimum. Todo this it implement qeues for deleting and adding songs. There is extra functionallity added for the eas of the programmer.



  • Basic player access.
  • Playlist access.
  • Error handling.
  • Command queues. (see playlist)
  • Advanced search.


  • translation.
  • auth after connect
  • Abstract more from libmpdclient. I still return structures and defines from libmpdclient.

Error behaviour:

libmpd checks after every command for possible error's. If an error occured libmpd wil call the error callback. The error callback will contain the error Id, and a error string.


see [1]. A sample used to be here: Perhaps have a look at the example in the Api documentation.

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