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.NET (C# / Edit

  • NMusicPD - A CLR-compliant library written in C# used for communicating with a MusicPD server.
  • - A .net 2.0 MPD client library written in C#.

C / C++ Edit

  • libmpd - A high level library reference to libmpdclient (deprecated, don't use)
  • libmpdclient - A library written in C and can be used to create MPD clients that are coded in C, obj-C and C++

Java Edit

  • JavaMPD - A Java MPD library
  • JMPDComm - A library written in Java used to create MPD clients written in Java

JavaScript Edit

  • MPD.js - JavaScript MPD library

Lisp Edit

  • CL-MPD - A pure Common Lisp interface to Music Player Daemon. (hosted at [1])
  • libempd - A LISP interpretation to interface a LISP program (EMACS) to MPD
  • libmpdee - An Emacs Lisp library to interface MPD

Other Edit

Perl Edit

PHP Edit

  • Net_MPD - A high quality PEAR/PHP interface for MPD (currently not maintained by anyone)
  • MPD-Class - A PHP class for MPD used to create custom web interfaces to MPD (new version as of 2010)
  • MPDEventListener - A PHP class for listening MPD events and handle them (extends mpd-class)

Python Edit

Ruby Edit

  • librmpd - Another Ruby library, features: thread-safe, callbacks, and a 'fake' test server for testing your client. Hosted at [2]
  • MPD.rb - A ruby MPD library.
  • MPDClient - A Ruby port of the python-mpd2 library.
  • ruby-mpd - A modern fork of librmpd, implementing the latest MPD features.

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