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This is a feature matrix of a few selected MPD Clients. This list currently focuses on "players" (ie. clients that control the player and the playlist) but could be expanded for every client...

Client Playlist reordering File browser Tag browser Server admin Password requests Language UI Cover art Packaging
gmpc yes yes, customizable yes yes[1] prompted when needed C? GTK yes, through plugins Debian/Archlinux/Ubuntu/Gentoo/Windows/MacOsX
Jinzora yes yes, customizable yes no preferences PHP Web Based yes tar.gz/zip/SVN
mpc yes[2] yes[3] yes yes cli / env C? commandline no Debian
ncmpc yes yes, customizable no no commandline C? ncurses no Debian/Gentoo
netjukebox no yes yes yes no PHP Web based yes zip
sonata yes yes, customizable yes no preferences Python GTK yes Debian/Gentoo
glurp  ? yes  ? no preferences  ? GTK no Debian
Pympd no yes, customizable yes no preferences Python GTK yes? Debian
Quimup yes yes minimal yes[4] preferences C++ QT yes? Source + binary
Ario yes yes yes yes preferences C GTK yes Source/Debian/Gentoo/Arch/Ubuntu/Windows...
PMS yes no, but full library view no yes[5] cli, prompt, preferences C++ ncurses no Source/Debian
MPDCon no yes yes yes preferences Objective-C GNUstep GUI no Source/OpenBSD/...

Legend Edit

  • Client: client name and link to its page
  • Playlist ordering: if it's possible to arbitrarily reorder the playlist (without having to remove/add songs)
  • File browser: it's possible to browse the library by folders
  • Tag browser: it's possible to browse the library by tags (e.g. "by Artist")
  • Customizable: it's possible to customize which tags the tag browser uses
  • Server admin: it's possible to control settings like crossfading, outputs, etc
  • Password requests: how the client asks for passwords: when required, on the commandline, in the preferences...
  • Language: the programming language it's written in
  • UI: the user interface chosen (curses is text based, GTK is graphical, etc)
  • Plugin system: the client is expandable through a plugin system
  • Cover art: the client can fetch the covert art from amazon or the local directories...

Notes Edit

  1. playlist control in 0.14
  2. only through playlist management
  3. only through ls and listall
  4. allows you to select only one output device, control of playlists buggy ("could not open file", when trying to access a playlist)
  5. set volume, crossfading, random, repeat and update database

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