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MPD is designed around a client/server architecture, where the clients and server (MPD is the server) interact over a network. Thus, running MPD is only half of the equation. To use MPD, you need to install a MPD client (aka MPD interface). Also, see Hacks for interesting hacks. See Client Matrix for a feature matrix of some of those clients.

Ready for General Use Edit

Command Line Clients Edit

  • mpc - a solid, lightweight, simple mpd client, written in C.
  • bmpc - an mpc clone written entirely in BASH. Depends on BASH sockets.
  • pimpd2 - A command-line client with interactive shell, randomizing of songs/albums, queue support, search with regular expressions, love songs/albums and much more
  • MPDC (possible abandonware, archived site) - A client which helps you to feed and manipulate your playlist with great flexibility. Like XMMS2, MPDC considers the music library and the playlists as "collections", kind of mathematical sets, and lets you add music to the playlist without having to browse the collection with a system of dynamic playlists generation. Minimalist syntax and command-line control, mpc integration, Lastfm recommendations, etc.

Console Clients Edit

  • ncmpc - An excellent curses based MPD client
  • ncmpcpp - A concept fork of ncmpc written in C++
  • ncmpy - A curses-based MPD client written in Python
  • dmpc - A Dmenu-based MPC client with a playlist manager and state-saving on playlist changes
  • pms - A feature-rich and highly configurable ncurses based client with commands similar to vim
  • vimus - An MPD client with vim-like key bindings (written in Haskell)s
  • vimpc - A curses based client with vi like key bindings
  • pgmpc - An MPD client running for PostgreSQL, running as a server extension

Graphical Clients Edit

Embedded Edit

  • M.A.L.P. - A full featured Android MPD Client
  • McBetty - A client running on the cheap Betty remote control with graphical lcd
  • atvmpdcontrol - A graphical client for the AppleTV
  • impdclient - A Native iPhone / iPod touch application
  • - A graphical Windows Mobile/PocketPC client written in .NET CF.
  • mpd4ppc - A graphical PocketPC client
  • wmpc - A simple Client for Windows Mobile
  • MPoD - Possibly abandoned - An iPhone / iPod Touch client allowing for streaming over http
  • MPaD - An iPad client
  • MPDRemote - Open source iPhone client written in Swift
  • reMPD - An iPhone / iPod Touch client
  • MPDluxe - an iPhone / iPod Touch client with support for large music libraries
  • palm-mpc - A simple MPD client for Palm OS 3.5 or later
  • bitmpc - An open-source android MPD client with podcast management
  • Droid MPD Client - Graphical MPD client for Android
  • MPC  - Android, open source client that handles playlists itself and allows browsing/playback of music by song, artist and album.
  • MPDroid - Android, control an MPD server and playback a stream from it (MPD >= 0.15 required), project fork from PMix
  • qmobilempd - A qt4 client without external dependencies for mobile devices (symbian,meego,maemo)
  • remuco-mpd - A mpd client for j2me-enabled mobile phones. It uses bluetooth or wifi to connect.
  • MPC for WebOS - MPD remote control running on the HP Touchpad
  • SMPC - Port of symbians qmobilempd to sailfishos
  • MPD Remote - A MPD client for Android
  • MPDMan - Control all your MPD servers from your Android phone or tablet
  • YMuse - Manage your MPD servers from android. Discogs(worldwide music) and Ymuse (turkish music) databases integrated .
  • My Mpc - Android client with streaming capability
  • Sound@home - Free Android client to manage dedicated MPD server implementation (Volumio - - Multiple rooms management and autoconfiguration supported
  • MPDjs - iOS client providing remote control over all your MPD based songs. There is also a Node.js Web Client version
  • WPC - MPD Client for Windows Phone 8/8.1.

GTK+ Edit

  • Ario - A light and complete GTK2 client that runs on Linux and Windows
  • indimpc - A minimalistic client with support for indicator-applet, notify-osd and multimedia keys via dbus.
  • impc - Intelligent Music Player Client - shows related information (articles, images, covers) and learns to search related information from user defined web sources.
  • gbemol - A GTK+ client with a nice library browser
  • gmpc - Gnome Music Player Client - A fully featured, low on resources player.
  • guimup - MPD client written in C++ and GTKMM
  • Gimmix - A graphical MPD client written in C using GTK+2
  • musicus-mpc - client for GNOME (as panel applet or standalone app) written in C/GTK+
  • Njiiri - An unobtrusive GTK+ client written in Ruby
  • sonata - A lightweight GTK+ client written in Python
  • Glurp - A small GTK+ client written in C
  • MPDCoverGrid (mcg) – A cover grid for MPD, focusing on albums instead of single tracks
  • My Mpc - GtkSharp client with streaming capability

Java Edit

  • Bill's Jammin' Jukebox - A Java client
  • jMPD - Simple client writen in Java with lyrics showing support
  • Lyra - Player/organiser style of client with a database cache and integration.
  • MPCool - A simple, usable, yet quite well featured Java client
  • PlayGUI - A Java client
  • jiggyMPD - This is primarily a PHP/Ajax client, but includes a Java tray icon. The tray can be used on its own or alongside a client that lacks one if not using the web app.
  • StoMpd - a platform independent MPD client designed for broadcast/webcast, offering a set of unique features . Requires MPD v0.17.0 or higher.

Qt Edit

  • LnkMusic - A Powerful QT Client written in gambas
  • Sleek - A mpd client written in C++ using Qt4
  • Quetzalcoatl - A KDE4 client written in Python
  • Quimup - A QT client for KDE, Gnome and XFCE
  • QMPDClient - QMPDClient is an easy to use MPD client written in Qt 4.
  • QMPDClient-ne - A feature enhanced version of QMPDClient ("Now QMPDClient-ne became the official QMPDClient branch.")
  • QtMPC - A MPD client using Qt >= 4.3 with Amarok-like tree-based music library interface
  • pkstereo - A PyQt4 ripper/player written for touchscreens
  • qmobilempd - A qt4 client without external dependencies for mobile devices
  • Cantata - Originally started as a fork of QtMPC, can be compiled with KDE support, Qt5 or Qt4 (runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X)
  • SkyMPC - A simple MPD client. Localized for Japanese(日本語). Runs on Windows, macOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi. (Delete file "SkyMPC_ja.qm" for English)
  • qmpc - A mpd client for the Nokia N900 smartphone.

Other Edit

  • conky - A system monitor for X
  • dwm-mpd - A fork of the dwm window manager with a built-in MPD client featuring playback and volume control including crossover/repeat/single/consume settings, automatic notifications and bookmarks; also has support for controlling the mpv video player through its IPC interface
  • kmbmpdc - macOS menubar controller client
  • m68kmpc - A Classic Mac (Sytetestem 6 - System 9) MPD client
  • MPDCon - GNUstep Client
  • peppy - A wxPython client for *nix, Win & OS X
  • PyDPF - A Python client with DPF & LIRC support
  • Theremin - Mac OS X Client with Growl and album artwork support
  • Upmpdcli - An UPnP gateway client. Use your UPnP control point with MPD.
  • Vimmpc - A client written for the Vim text editor utilizing mpdclient2.
  • WMmp - A NeXTSTEP dockapplet derived from WMxmms
  • WiiMPC - A native Nintendo Wii client
  • lyvi - A lyrics-viewer that connects to mpd and many other players (using libglyr)
  • MPD in Plasma - KDE 4.x Plasma desktop widget with playlist support
  • Qmpdplasmoid - KDE 4.x Plasma client with album,artist,playlist,file support

Windows Edit

Also see various ports to Windows

  • winmcc - A MPD client for WinCE (Siemens Simpad/Webpad) and Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
  • Auremo - A MPD client for Windows Vista and later.
  • WpfMpdClient - A MPD client for Windows developed using C# and WPF
  • MPD music  - A MPD client for Windows 8/Windows RT
  • Chimney - A MPD client for Windows 10, the client is a UWP so it should work on all avaible Windows 10 platforms.

Input Device ClientsEdit

  • Bemused-lnx-mpdhack - Bemused MPD hack version. Control MPD with your mobile phone. Use JamSe as client (support for a lot of mobile phones), all features included.
  • empcd - Event Music Player Client daemon, control MPD with Linux Input devices (eg USB Keyboard)
  • mpdlcd - simple mpd client implemented as a lcdproc client in perl
  • LCD-Stuff - client for mpd which is written in C, it is able to display many more than mpd data
  • pbmpcd - control MPD with your bluetooth mobile phone, bemused version
  • mpdlirc - control MPD with LIRC (infrared remote control)
  • g15mpd - G15Daemon-Client used to show you the playing song on the Display of the Logitech G15 Keyboard and to controll mpd with the Media-Keys
  • mousempc - a bare-bones client to control volume, play/pause, next/prev with a wheel mouse
  • Remuco - Duplex remote MPD control for your Bluetooth or WiFi equipped mobile phone
  • mpdClientS60-qt - control mpd over Symbian Nokia S60 3rd phone via wifi - alpha

Logging Clients Edit

Plugin Clients Edit

Utility Clients Edit

  • state-utils - A suite of simple tools to save your own MPD states and more...
  • Mpdtoys - A collection of small toys and tools for doing various things to MPD from the command line. Some of them are very useful, while others are only amusing.
  • playlistbuilder - A little ruby script that looks up similar music and adds it to the playlist.
  • MPD-Mela - MPD Enhanced with datas: generates playlists from your MPD database and your library.
  • mpDris - A MPRIS gateway implemented as a MPD client.
  • mpDris2 - A MPRIS2 gateway implemented as a MPD client
  • MPD_sima - A python script who's automagically adding title to your playlist following suggestions.
  • mpd-add-similar - A cli app that can add similar tracks to your MPD playlist.
  • MPDCron - A cron like utility for MPD.
  • Autoplay - Keeps your playlist filled and learns what music you like
  • Moped - An advanced playlist manipulator, especially letting you flexibly add music to the current playlist (without having to go through the library).
  • mpdmonitor - Tiny libnotify client that sits idle and waits until mpd changes song, then displays a libnotify message with the new song details
  • py-lyrics - Fetch lyrics from LyricWiki for the currently playing song, to console or in a browser, or open the edit page for those lyrics
  • mpdgems - Collection of more or less useful tools for the Music Player Daemon.
  • mpcABX - Super simple ABX comparator client for MPD.
  • mpd-ralbum - A simple C program to add random directories in MPD automatically. It is particularly convenient for an Artist/Album folder stucture, to add random albums.
  • NiceFM - A script that checks on the top tracks/albums of a particular user and adds them to a mpd playlist.
  • mpdproxy - Node.js proxy server for MPD allowing passwordless access to clients in particular configured IP ranges
  • coverlet - Watches which track mpd is playing and displays a corresponding album cover.  The correspondence and the way the cover is displayed can be configured in very many different ways.

Web Clients Edit

vote for songs Edit

  • VoteMPD - VoteMPD allows your party guests to fill the queue of your MusicPlayerDaemon. Users can vote for songs via a mobile friendly webpage.

tiny and simple php based clients / good for mobile devicesEdit

  • ::phpMpReloaded:: - going to be more than a collection of WebClients (currently phpMp, phpMp+, phpMp2, phpMp3, IPodMp and MPD-Web-Remote are included). Just PHP and JavaScript. Compatible to desktop Firefox, Konqueror, Windows Mobile (Internet Explorer, Opera Mobile) and to older devices.
    • phpMp (v0.11.0)- the original PHP web interface
    • phpMp+ (v0.2.3) - an enhanced PHP web interface written to fit in your web browser's sidebar
    • phpMp2 (v0.11.0) - rework of phpMp, comes with themes
    • phpMp3 (v0.2) - Totally in JavaScript, driven by XMLHTTPRequest (AJAX) with a small php-backend.
    • iPodMp - a webbased php/ajax client, optimized for Apple's iPhone & iPod touch
    • MPD-Web-Remote - an mobile client for windows mobile and iPhone/iPad also in iPhone style
  • mpd remote - very basic PHP client designed for your mobile phone's browser
  • MPD Webinterface - minimal MPD Webinterface
  • RMPDC - Yet another PHP client targeted at handheld systems. Very low browser requirements.
  • PocketMP - a lightweight PHP Client
  • Ada - PHP/ajax. Minimalistic, scalable, compatible. Installs in minutes. Works across many browsers in many resolutions.
  • Albumplayer - Lightweight PHP web client that makes it simple to select and play music directly from your music database.
  • MPDamp - Small and simple PHP web interface using plain HTML only. Thus optimized for a widespread of mobile devices.
  • django-mpd-client - A django / ajax based client for controlling mpd from a mobile browser. Provides the ability to browse by artist and/or album, and to save and load playists.
  • Play! MPC - A fast and elegant web client that uses Play! and Twitter Bootstrap. Its responsive design allows for different layouts (desktop, tablet, mobile)
  • ympd - A very lightweight standalone web client, written completely in C. Doesn't need dedicated webserver or interpreters and features a responsive bootstrap design. Optimized for Raspberry PI.

rich clientsEdit

  • Ampache - Very feature rich web based music management system which supports MPD (PHP/MySQL)
  • Bragi - Full featured mobile friendly HTML5 front end. Designed to support multi-output and multi-instance setups. Perfect choice for a zoned sound system. Built on top of and by the author of MPD.js.
  • Client175 - A full featured web client with tag editing. Looks and acts like a desktop client.
  • netjukebox - the flexible media share
  • O!MPD - responsive client based on PHP and MySQL (fork of netjukebox)
  • RompR - Feature rich Javascript client inspired by Amarok 2
  • shelfelf - quite complex webapp designed for tablets (like the iPad)
  • slimpd - PHP (Slim-Framework)/JS/MySQL based client, designed for high performance on huge collections with additional possibility to play audio directly in browser, support to control xwax-osc (Digital Vinyl System), multilanguage, filebrowser, sphinxsearch-powered autocomplete-widget, ...


  • Aqua Music Database - a jukebox that streams
  • Chrome Music Player Client - a Chrome app that connects directly to a MPD instance
  • DaveMP - a super-lightweight no-web-server required client that looks good, needs PERL and some extra packages (HTTP::Server::Simple, JSON::XS)
  • Jinzora - Very feature rich web based media manager that supports MPD and all other major players.
  • kdbwebmpc  - A keyboard-only AJAX/PHP-client
  • MPD.js - A fairly full featured client library written entirely in JavaScript, relies on websockify to transform normal socket into a websocket. Is not a stand alone client, but intended to make development of new clients much easier.
  • mpdmote - basic PHP/AJAX client designed for your mobile phone's browser
  • MPDplayer - a utilitarian PHP client which uses AJAX for all its updating
  • NeoMPC - A basic client designed to be used with small screen devices (i.e. phones & pdas)
  • Netjuke - Discontinued streaming Jukebox that is now merged into Jinzora.
  • orangePlayer - Yet another AJAX/php client.
  • Pitchfork - Ajax/php based web interface
  • RelaXXPlayer - A simple but easy to use web based client using AJAX and MOOTOOLS
  • WyMyPy - a standalone webserver music player frontend in python, with AJAX support
  • MPD WebAMP - A web based, asynchronous interface in the style of a desktop application, such as Totem or Windows Media player. Now available in the Python Cheese Shop.
  • Djpirate - Another web client, based on Completely self contained, easy to install, not too ugly.
  • fookebox - a web-based jukebox-style mpd frontend written in python/Pylons
  • theory - self-contained Python/Pylons-based web client with some nice Ajaxy features, drag/drop playlist reordering, Amazon album art fetching, lyrics fetching, and a pretty face.
  • jiggyMPD - another PHP/Ajax client and tray icon.
  • MMPD - Multi-MPD client. Graphical management of multiple MPD instances with multiple outputs creating a multi-zone audio system.
  • ExtMPD - An ExtJS and PHP based well featured webclient.
  • Otto - A multi-user streaming anti-cloud music player
  • MPCParty - A nodejs based web client meant for multiple users (such as for LAN parties).

Miscellaneous Edit

  • MPNotifier - Display MPD activity via little popups using libnotify
  • MpdKNotifier - Display popup every time a song changes using knotify.

Clients Under Development Edit

Console clientsEdit

  • Evad - Ncurses client written in Python, similar to ncmpc
  • mpcue - Command-line client to seek inside files with external cue sheets.
  • suggestive - Python client with vim-like bindings and read/write Last.FM support.  Provides multiple ways of filtering your library to find the music you want to listen to.  More geared towards people who like listening to entire albums, rather than individual tracks.

Graphical Clients Edit

Embedded Edit

  • pythm - Media player frontend written in Python, designed to control gstreamer, mplayer or mpd with one GUI on the Openmoko Neo FreeRunner

GTK+ Edit

  • Pympd - a Rhythmbox-like PyGTK client
  • mpdBrowser - A GTK+ client and play client.
  • Ragnarok - A client for MPD in C and GTK+, aimed to be very lightweight and configurable.
  • MpcSharp - Initially a pympc port to C#, a client under heavy development.
  • mpod - a wxPython client for Windows/Linux with extensible theming capabilities.
  • SharpMusic - A .NET Client that tries to have the look & feel of Muine.
  • MoonMPD - A small GTK+ client written in C (still in development)

Java Edit

  • PMix - A MPD client for the Android platform.
  • mpdgui - Substance as LAF and thumbnail view for artists/albums browser

Qt Edit

  • pymusicpd - A Qt4 client written in python.
  • kanola - Python/KDE client for MPD.
  • KuteMPC - A Qt >= 4.1 client inspired by glurp and gmpc.
  • musicroxx MPD client written in Python using Qt4.
  • Pythagora - A client written in python using Qt4 and KDE (optional).


  • PocketPCMpdClient - A client for the pocketpc that feautures album art and kinetic scrolling.
  • emphasis - A MPD client using ETK.
  • mpc2x - A MPD client for the gp2x Linux handheld using the SDL multimedia library.
  • pympdtouchgui - A MPD client for touchscreen use, without X, written in python.
  • kea2 - An iTunes look-alike client for MacOS 10.5
  • mpdplasma - a KDE4 Plasma desktop widget using the Python MPD library

Windows Edit

  • winmcc - A MPD client for the Siemens Simpad (Webpad).
  • gmpc - Gnome Music Player Client
  • MpdMsn - A windows client for displaying MPD status in MSN.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • lcd4linux - A mpd client based on lcd4linux (with driver serdisplib)
  • MpdOnScreenInfo - Similar to mpd-osd, written in C
  • mpd-osd - A simple OSD read-only client.
  • MPDPSPClient - A Sony PSP client.
  • mpd-show - A simple read-only, text-mode client with background as progress bar.
  • pekmpd - A pekwm active menu to control MPD.
  • powerTunes - A small program written in C to control MPD using powermate.
  • SideCandyMPC - A gdesklet display client for MPD.
  • mpdDS - A Nintendo DS / Nintendo DS Lite client.
  • QuakeMPD - MPD control code for Quake-series.
  • MetaMP A metadata client that stores ratings and tags in an sqlite database.
  • mmpc - A Nokia N800/N810 linux tablet client (Maemo Music Player Client).
  • wxsmps - mpd client implemented as a lcdproc client in C++
  • MPDModule - Client for basic control in Crestron automation systems.
  • - very simple hand-written python 3 GTK-based OSD.
  • GMusicProxy - a python proxy that permits to stream on MPD all the music from Google Play Music (including AA albums and radios)

Plugin Clients Edit

  • empd - A GNU/Emacs client, currently in the deep alpha stage
  • GkrellMPC - A GKrellm2 plugin to control MPD
  • mpd-applet - A Gnome panel applet displaying the state of an mpd server in the panel. Including simple control and (selectable) client launch.
  • mpc.el - Another Emacs client, inspired by Rhythmbox
  • pidgimpris - A Pidgin plugin for monitoring an MPRIS capable media player, such as mpDris

Utility Clients Edit

  • MpdLIRC - A client that is designed to take input from a remote via LIRC, interpret it, and send the appropriate command to MPD.
  • mpd-state - A tool similar to (in fact based on) state-utils.
  • lastMPD - Fills your MPD-Playlist with help of For example add top tracks by an artist or loved tracks from a user.

Web Clients Edit

  • Groove Basin - Good keyboard shortcuts, dynamic playlist mode, drag/drop to upload songs, inspired by Amarok 1.4. NodeJS + Coffee-Script
  • RelaXXPlayer - PHP, AJAX player with drag and drop, custom user rights, playlist and radiostream support.
  • ::phpMpReloaded::- going to be more than a collection of WebClients (currently phpMp, phpMp+, phpMp2, phpMp3, IPodMp and MPD-Web-Client are included)
  • FlashMPC - a lightweight flash client.
  • ajaxMP - a web interface for mpd written in PHP and AJAX with drag and drop support.
  • Ampache - web-based tool for managing, updating and playing audio files, through MPD via transcoded, downsampled or standard streaming. It supports the use of MPD's database or URL method.
  • Auris - the first (as far as I know) attempt to make a web-based MPD client using Ruby on Rails. Currently in a very early stage, but it does work!
  • Communicast - A community driven MPD PHP frontend.
  • Monocle Radio - php client that supports Icecast integration and multiple users via MySQL
  • mpdCueSeek - cueSheet support and the possibillity to jump to a given position in a track.
  • MPDTunes - a platform independent client built with HTML5, jQuery Mobile and CodeIgniter (PHP Framework). Currently built to use MySQL on the backend, but theoretically could use any database supported by CodeIgniter's database class.
  • NeoMPC - a web based client for MPD intended to run on a small screen device such as a PDA.
  • phpMp3 - web-based AJAX-driven (like MPD frontend.
  • squitcher - php client with MySQL database backend for metadata that MPD doesn't store.
  • Client:MPD WebAMP - A web based, asynchronous interface in the style of a desktop application, such as Totem or Windows Media player.
  • webmpd - another try at an AJAX-driven MPD frontend.
  • WyMyPy - a standalone webserver music player frontend in python, with AJAX support
  • theory - self-contained Python/Pylons-based web client with some nice Ajaxy features, drag/drop playlist reordering, Amazon album art fetching, lyrics fetching, and a pretty face.
  • simple-mpc-remote - single file, zero dependencies python based mpc web interface with pause, play, next, and audio level.
  • slimpd - PHP (Slim-Framework)/JS/MySQL based client, designed for high performance on huge collections with additional possibility to play audio directly in browser, support to control xwax-osc (Digital Vinyl System), multilanguage, filebrowser, sphinxsearch-powered autocomplete-widget, ...
  • Playlist Automation - a Playlist Scheduler as PHP web app. Generate automatically smart playlists with opener, spots, podcasts and hot rotation (newest files). Start playlist by weekday, hour and minute. Using Icecast, Apache, MPD, MPC.

Orphaned Clients Edit

Orphaned Clients are no longer maintained and no longer work, or the authors have stated that they no longer intend on maintaining the client.

  • Freya - A quite well featured MPD Client writte in C++ and Gtkmm3, but no longer maintained.
  • mgc - A small GTK2 buttonbar client written in C.
  • mpdpss (MPD Playlist Saver n' Switcher) - It remembers the last played song for all your playlists. Has the following available interfaces: graphical, interactive text, command-line, dmenu and wimenu.
  • MythMPD - MythMPD is a simple MPD client for MythTV.

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