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  • DjMount - Mount UPnP AV devices using FUSE

Encoding Edit

  • FAAC - Open Source implementation of AAC standard
  • FLAC - Open Source lossless codec
  • Ogg Vorbis - Open Source codec
  • LAME - Open Source implementation of MP3 standard

Tagging Utilities Edit

Playlist Utilities Edit

It is very usefull if you have a large amount of audio files and you want to quickly and frequently build a playlist.

Audio CD Ripping Edit

  • Asunder - GTK CD Ripper than can automatically tag and organize ripped tracks any way you want.
  • abcde - Console Ripper
  • Crip - Another console ripper. Geared towards classical music.
  • Grip - Gnome ripper
  • Jack - A console cd ripper frontend that suports querying freecddb, tagging, supports ogg, mp3, flac encoding. No relation to JACK Audio Connection Kit.
  • Max - A high quality ripper/converter for Mac OS X
  • Sound Juicer - Simple Gnome Ripper
  • YaRET - Another console ripper
  • rubyripper - Advanced ripper with features similar to ExactAudioCopy

Audio CD Burning Edit

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