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You need the following and at least one decoder to create a configure:
autoconf · automake1.9 · libtool · git-core · libglib2.0-dev · make

OSS: (No known dependencies)

JACK: libjack0.100.0-dev

PulseAudio: libpulse-dev

ALSA: libasound2-dev

ID3: libid3tag0-dev

libsamplerate: libsamplerate0-dev

libid3tag: libid3tag-dev

libmad: libmad0-dev

OggVorbis: libogg-dev · libogg0 · libvorbis0a · libvorbisfile3

libmikmod: libmikmod2-dev

libmodplug: libmodplug-dev

libresid-builder: libresid-builder-dev

libsidplay2: libsidplay2-dev

WavPack: libwavpack-dev

Musepack: libmpcdec-dev

AudioFile: libaudiofile-dev

Avahi: libavahi-core-dev · libavahi-client-dev · libavahi-glib-dev

In Debian "Etch" and older it will be necessary to prefix configure with:
libflac-dev · flac

bzip2: libbz2-dev

iso9660: libiso9660-dev

zip: libzzip-dev

mms protocol: libmms-dev

Not available for Etch and older:

libao: libao-dev

FFMPEG: libavcodec-dev · libavformat-dev

LAME: Package must be found outside Debian's official repository. On ubuntu this is installed as libmp3lame-dev.

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