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Configuration Edit

  • C1. How do I set multiple directories as my root music directory?
  • C2. Why don't clients work well with my 10,000+ song playlist?
  • C3. Can MPD restore its playlist and start playing when it is restarted?
  • C4. How do I make MPD secure?
  • C5. Should I run MPD as root?
  • C6. What are the various configuration parameters in the config file?
  • C7. How to play an audio cdrom ?

Usage Edit

  • U1. I've added some new files to my music directory. How do I get MPD to add them to the DB?
  • U2. How can I setup a web browser to automatically play streams in MPD when I click on a link?
  • U3. Is there an equalizer for MPD?
  • U4. Why isn't there support to store the MPD playlist in *SQL?

Troubleshooting Edit

99% of your problems can be solved before you read this if you read the manual at 'man mpd' and investigating your logs.

  • T1. I'm having issues with my sound device not having permissions, what do I do?
  • T2. I'm having problems with skipping, and I'm using libao 0.8.3 or less.
  • T3. I have enabled crossfading, Why do I hear no fading between songs?
  • T4. Why is there a long delay before my songs start playing?
  • T5. My MPD database has gotten corrupted. How do I fix it?
  • T6. MPD will not show my new Metallica CD with the folder name '...and justice for all' / won't show my file .hotnew.mp3.
  • T7. Why don't I see any of my new files or see the effect of some new config file settings after running `mpd --create-db`?
  • T8. It sounds like MPD is not playing my music at the correct speed, what should I do?
  • T9. Why does MPD use up so much CPU? By the way, I'm using ALSA/libao.
  • T10 I installed MPD on a FreeBSD 5.x system, MPD is running, why can't I connect?
  • T11. When I run MPD as root, the following error is generated: `can't create directory /root/.mcop`
  • T12. Why does MPD crash while playing mod files?
  • T13. Why doesn't my mp3 support gapless playback?
  • T14. Why aren't filenames & directories being displayed correctly?
  • T15. I'm getting the error output buffer size (2141999) is larger than the max (2097152) in my logs, what gives? (numbers may vary)
  • T16. Why doesn't MPD play stream
  • T17. Why doesn't MPD show any of my music files or directories?
  • T18. MPD's not working & the error log echos not being able to set the some format options for my sound card. What can I do?
  • T19. Song x doesn't show up in my client after I've updated.
  • T20. Directory y doesn't show up in my client after updating.
  • T21. Why doesn't the database reflect changed ID3 tags after updating it?
  • T22. Why does MPD only play part of my mp3?
  • T23. When I start MPD I get the error: "Problems shmget'ing"

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