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To use mpd with Predixis MusicMagicMixer:

MusicMagic needs a command line program to call, so a script similar to m3uhandler is needed... However, clicking on a single mp3 sends the handler an mp3 filename as opposed to an m3u... And the m3u/mp3 generated has the complete path, which mpc doesn't like... so we strip it.

       ## configure this for your MPD music dir
       ## clear the current list (optional)
       mpc clear;
       case $1 in
          *.mp3 ) echo $1 | sed -e "s/$musicdir//" | mpc add ;;
          *.m3u ) cat $1 | grep $musicdir | sed -e "s/$musicdir//" | mpc add ;;
         ## handle other file extensions (ogg, etc) just in case you need it...
          *) echo $1 | sed -e "s/$musicdir//" | mpc add ;;
       #play the music (also optional)
       mpc play;

Save this as musichandler (eg), chmod +x it, and enter it as the command line program for MusicMagic to use under Configuration Options to play music

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