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Talk0 Share was made because I wanted my wife to be able to stream from our MPD server, with a no muss, no fuss type player, so I created a tiny script to call ogg123 or kill it, and bound it to CTRL-ALT-S. The only modification you should need is to change the stream.

if [[ -f /tmp/stream_playing && `pidof ogg123` ]]
# You may want to put MPD_HOST="remote_host" mpc pause or mpc stop here
kill `cat /tmp/stream_playing`
rm -f /tmp/stream_playing
# You may want to put MPD_HOST="remote_host" mpc play here
ogg123 -q http://shapeshifter:8000/mpd-10.ogg &
echo $! > /tmp/stream_playing

Yet another way of doing it is to replace the ogg line with:

screen -D -m ogg123 -q http://shapeshifter:8000/mpd-10.ogg &

This will make it where if X exits for one reason or another the music will continue.

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