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A set of patch to add scoring support to mpc / mpd are available here :

mpd mpc

Both are (clean) output of svn diff, revision 3454

How it worksEdit

(Please give more info how this works, for non-programmers like me.) it's a patch to the mpd code. google for how to apply patches. it's not hard but really, if you're not a programmer this isn't for you

Some usage instructions would be nice. Anyone can do an svn checkout and apply patches, but reading through a diff to try and figure out how it works is a little tedious.

Another oneEdit

Here is another set which extends this a bit (both svn diff, revision 7402): mpd mpc

How it worksEdit

An additional information, "Score: 42" is saved for every file in the main database (thus it needs a fresh rewrite every exit, which is not that good for many files).

The protocol is extended with the command "score [<song> [+-]<change>]", <song> can be any entry in the current playlist (which is a limition for some use-cases) or "cur", which selects the current song; <change> can be any value between 0-255; if you add a plus or minus before it, the value is added (or subtracted) from the current score, else it is set to <change>.

Searching can be done via "search score >192", where < can be any of <, <=, =<, =, >=, =>, >.

(The MPC patch supports all this already, ncmpc is on my to-do list.)

Usage examples:Edit

mpc score
mpc score cur
mpc score cur +42
mpc score cur -15

mpc search score <128
mpc search score >=12

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