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  • Description: mpd-hits is a program collecting information about tracks played by Music Player Daemon. It can be run either as daemon or as a foreground process. The information about played tracks (such as artist, song title, etc) is stored in plain text files, so it can be viewed/edited directly and processed easily by standard command line tools. Also, statistics can be parsed using a dedicated utility mpd-hits-report.
  • Homepage and downloads:
  • Documentation: man mpd-hits man mpd-hits-report man mpd-hits-update
  • Author: Dmitry Samoyloff <dmitry at the obscurehalt dot net>
  • Dependencies: The following Perl modules are needed to run mpd-hits 0.3.0:
    • Audio::FLAC::Header
    • Audio::MPD
    • Audio::MPD::Common
    • Config::Simple
    • DateTime::Format::Strptime
    • Getopt::Mixed
    • Ogg::Vorbis::Header::PurePerl
    • Proc::Daemon
    • Proc::PID::File
    • Sort::Versions
    • Text::Table

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