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  • Description: perl scripts to keep track of everything mpd plays and generate detailed stats.
  • Homepage: mpd-stats
  • Download: checkout the svn repository
  • Sample: here is an example
  • Maintainer: Alexandre Buisse, nattfodd AT no-log DOT org
  • Dependencies: perl modules, to be installed from the package manager of your distribution or from CPAN:
    • Audio::MPD
    • Audio::MPD::Common
    • File::HomeDir
    • DBD::SQLite
  • Usage: run in the background, and it will automatically add the information about what mpd is playing in a database (the default location is ~/.mpd-stats/mpd-stats).
To obtain statistics about what you have listened, simply run You can customize the results by changing the @criteria, @orders and $to_display variables in the first lines of (a more powerful configuration system should be added soon). It can generate HTML or simply output the stats on the console.
If you run into any trouble or need new features, don't hesitate to contact me.

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