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This code will poll at regular interval (10 seconds by default) if the song title has changed and display it by OSD.

  • Code :
#!/usr/bin/env python
# print the current played song by OSD
# depend on python-mpdclient2 and osd_cat (xosd_bin package)
# version 0.1 (public domain)

import sys, os, time, socket
import mpdclient2

Poll_delay = 10
Height = 200
Width = 60
Color = 'green'
Delay = 6
Font = '-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal-*-*-%i-*-*-p-*-iso10646-1' % Height
Options =  "-f %s -d %i -s 2 -c %s -A center" % (Font, Delay, Color)

def error(s):
   print >> sys.stderr, s

def connect():
   global Poll_delay
   while True:
           m = mpdclient2.connect()
               test_loop(m, Poll_delay)
           except EOFError:
               error( "Connection to mpd lost, retrying...")
       except socket.error:
           error( "Connection to mpd impossible, retrying...")

def osd_print(s):
   global Options, Width
   # the osd library is broken on my system :p
   cmd = "echo %s | fold -s -w %i | osd_cat %s" % (repr(s), Width, Options)

def test_loop(m, delay):
   cur = ""
   while True:
           t = m.currentsong().title
       except AttributeError:
           # no title, try with the name
               t = m.currentsong().name + " -- No title"
           except AttributeError:
               t = "No title"

       if cur != t:
           osd_print( t )
           cur = t
       time.sleep( delay )


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