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newer mpdnotify in action

  • Description: Simple script to use Galago's libnotify to put up a notification when the song changes, including album art.
  • Homepage:
  • Maintainer(s): JP St. Pierre < jstpierre AT mecheye DOT net >

Newer mpdnotify! Please see the github link above. You need to fetch and .mpdnotify.conf

This requires PyGTK, the latest development version of python-mpd (, the libnotify bindings for Python, and ConfigObj (comes with bzr).

You need to put .mpdnotify.conf in your home directory.

You can also call " display player" to trigger a player notification.

To get multiple notifications to show at once with notify-osd, I have forked the project, and named it notify-osd-better:

I have this as a startup program under GNOME's Sessions so that I get notifications as soon as I start playing music.

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