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  • Configuration Variables:
   ============= ==========================================
   Variable name Meaning
   ============= ==========================================
   host          The host where your mpd runs
   port          The port to connect to mpd (usually 6600)
   format        How this script should display
                 whats going on.
                 You may use the following variables here:
                 $artist, $title_or_file,
                 $length_min, $length_sec, $pct,
                 $pos_min, $pos_sec
  • License: Released under GPL licence.
import weechat as wc
import mpdclient as mpd
import re
from os.path import basename, splitext

default_fmt = "/me 's MPD plays: $artist - $title_or_file ($length_min:$length_sec)"

wc.register("mpdnp", "0.3", "", "np for mpd")

def subst(text, values):
 out = ""
 n = 0
 for match in re.finditer(findvar, text):
   if match is None: continue 
     l, r = match.span()
     nam =
     out += text[n:l+1] + values.get(nam, "") #"$" + nam)
     n = r
 return out + text[n:]

def np(server, args):
   Send information about the currently
   played song to the channel.
 host = wc.get_plugin_config("host")
 port = int(wc.get_plugin_config("port"))
 cont = mpd.MpdController(host=host, port=port)
 song = cont.getCurrentSong()
 pos, length, pct = cont.getSongPosition()

 # insert artist, title, album, track, path
 d = song.__dict__
     "title_or_file": song.title or splitext(basename(song.path))[0],
     "pos_sec": "%02d" % (pos / 60),
     "pos_min": str(pos / 60),
     "length_sec": "%02d" % (length % 60),
     "length_min": str(length / 60),
     "pct": "%2.0f" % pct,
 wc.command(subst(wc.get_plugin_config("format"), d))
 return 0
def dbgnp(server, args):
   return np(server, args)
 except Exception, e:
   print e
wc.add_command_handler("mpdnp", "np", "", "", np.__doc__)

findvar = re.compile(r'[^\\]\$([a-z_]+)(\b|[^a-z_])')

default = {
 "host": "localhost",
 "port": "6600",
 "format": default_fmt,

for k, v in default.items():
 if not wc.get_plugin_config(k):
   wc.set_plugin_config(k, v)

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