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With this script you can play all songs in your filesystem. You are not restricted to the mpd music directory, so even songs mounted eg. on your flash drive will play. It simply creates symbolic link to a special directory within your music directory, then updates and plays it. Script integrates mpd within your Midnight Commander.

Written in Ruby, using librmpd.

Create special directory within your mpd music directory: (for example)

$ mkdir ~/music/links

Edit mpdplayg.rb :

    • Set your MUSIC_DIR to the directory you have in mpd configuration.
    • Set LINKS_DIRNAME to whatever name you chose for the special directory. Must end with a "/". Default is links/ .


# gem install librmpd
# mv mpdplayg.rb /usr/local/bin/mpdplay
# chmod +x /usr/local/bin/mpdplay

Add to ~/.mc/menu

   |   Enqueue
   mpdplay -a %f
   \   Play
   mpdplay %f

Edit ~/.mc/bindings

   View=%view{ascii} mpg123 -vtn1 %f 2>&1 | sed -n ‘/^Title/,/^Comment/p;/^MPEG/,/^Audio/p’
   Open=mpdplay %f

   View=%view{ascii} ogginfo %s
   Open=mpdplay %f

  • Usage:
    • In MC, whenever you want to play a selected song, you can press Enter.
    • F2 + \ plays selected song or directory
    • F2 + | enques song or directory to the playlist

  • Maintainer: Jakub Horák

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