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Small daemon written in python that lively enqueues new songs or albums in the current mpd playlist (only n songs or 1 album in advance). Album whose directory contains a file name "norandom" are always added in one time and in order. Also provides a "" script which complete the current song with the end of the album.

Depends on python-mpdclient2 library.

Can be download there (or cloned with mercurial : hg clone

Usage: [options]

	Feed an mpd daemon with a randomize playlist

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -k NB, --keep=NB      how many songs already played are keeped
  -n NB, --enqueue=NB   how many songs to enqueue before the one playing
  --daemon              output debug information to stderr
  --no-update           do not update the database on startup
  --clear               emtpy mpd database on startup
  -x REGEX, --exclude-regex=REGEX
                        Regex against which matching files will be excluded
  -H NAME, --host=NAME  MPD host
  -P NB, --port=NB      MPD port
  --password=PWD        MPD connexion password
  --music-dir=DIR       MPD music directory (default from mpd.conf)
  -c FILE, --mpd-conf=FILE
                        MPD conf file (default /etc/mpd.conf
  -q, --quiet           don't print status messages to stderr
  -v, --verbose         output verbose status to stderr
  -d, --debug           output debug information to stderr
  -l FILE, --log-file=FILE
                        log file (default /tmp/mpdrandomd.log, '-' for stderr)
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