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# This little dirty hack waits for D-Bus events from GNOME screensaver and
# toggles music playing on each of them. Since 2011-12-13 it checks if mpd was
# playing music and resumes it only if it was
# Inspired and influenced by "Screensaver Play/Pause" Rhythmbox plugin by Jannik
# Heller
# ([1])
# Written by Vadim "dexpl" Raskhozhev, licensed under WTFPL

_event_expr='^[[:space:]]*boolean\ (true|false)'
# 1 here means that mpd was _not_ playing

play_pause() {
# if screensaver activated
    if [ $1 -eq 0 ]; then
# find if mpd plays music
        mpc | grep -q '^\[playing\]'
        [ "$_was_playing" -eq 0 ] && mpc pause
# if screensaver deactivated
# resume only if mpd was playing when screensaver activated
        [ "$_was_playing" -eq 0 ] && mpc play

dbus-monitor --session "$_dbus_expr" | while read _line ; do
    if [[ "$_line" =~ $_event_expr ]]; then
        play_pause $?

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