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Motivation Edit

This hack provides a solution for the following situation:

  • MPD should play the most recent entry in a podcast, OR
  • MPD should play a web-radio stream according to an online playlist (m3u/pls/asx)
  • MPD should play a LastFM radio station (via LastFM-Proxy)

with the condition that the MPD playlist itself must stay static.

Background Edit

My MPD server runs on a small ARM system (NSLU2 or QNAP TS109), and in a static MPD playlist a number of web-radio stations and podcasts are assigned to individual buttons on my IR remote-control. Now with pressing the button for a certain news podcast I want to hear the most current issue of that stream.

Internal Details Edit

The podcast-bounce script implements a HTTP service for xinetd and requires the URL of the podcast or playlist as a GET parameter 'feed'. It then downloads that podcast or playlist file in the background, extracts the top-most audio URL and redirects the HTTP request to that URL via a '302 Found' response.

Installation Edit

Open the web-interface to the devbase repository at

and proceed according to the installation instructions in the file 'INSTALL'.

Examples Edit

Assuming the podcast-bounce service runs on a machine called 'slug' on port 8082, you can enter the following URL in MPD or any other media player to listen to the most recent edition of

  • NPR's Car Talk:
  • News From Lake Wobegon:
  • BBC's Global News:
  • ...

or you can listen to Internet radio stations like Digitally Imported or Frisky Radio or to different LastFM radio streams by providing the following URLs:

  • Digitally Imported - Lounge
  • Frisky Radio:
  • LastFM station tagged "Jazz" (LastFM-Proxy is required)

Note that any special characters (like '?' or '&') in the feed's URL have to be encoded, eg. by an online converter like

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