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A wrapper around mp3gain that adds ReplayGain info to ID3v2 tags instead of APEv2 tags. Also see

Requires mp3gain and pyid3lib. Note: Neither are available as packages in Ubuntu.

Also available from [1].

#! /usr/bin/env python

import os
import sys

from subprocess import Popen, PIPE

import pyid3lib

files = []
mp3gain = ["mp3gain", "-o", "-s", "s"]

cmd = mp3gain + sys.argv[1:]
pipe = Popen(cmd, stdout=PIPE).stdout
for line in pipe:
   parts = line.rstrip("\n").split("\t")
   if parts[0] != '"Album"':
       for file in files:
           frames = {
               "replaygain_track_gain": "%.2f dB" % (float(file[2])),
               "replaygain_album_gain": "%.2f dB" % (float(parts[2])),
               "replaygain_track_peak": "%.6f" % (float(file[3])/32768.0),
               "replaygain_album_peak": "%.6f" % (float(parts[3])/32768.0),
           tag = pyid3lib.tag(file[0])
           for key, value in frames.iteritems():
               frame = {
                   "frameid": "TXXX",
                   "textenc": 1,
                   "description": key,
                   "text": value,
               changed = False
               for i in range(0, len(tag)):
                   if tag[i]["frameid"] == "TXXX":
                       if tag[i]["description"] == key:
                           tag[i] = frame
                           changed = True
               if not changed:
       files = []

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